Friday, 12 September 2014

Surrounding Areas

Once you’ve arrived near the top of the mountain on which the Eagle’s Nest sits, many guided tours of the area will take
you through a mysterious tunnel that ends at a golden—yes, golden—elevator that Hitler himself rode up and down to get to
and from his retreat.  At the top, you’ll arrive at the true top of the mountain and you’ll see the villa that once belonged
to Hitler.  Take out your camera because the view of the surrounding mountains is unparalleled. 
After visiting the Alps, many guided tours of Austria will finish up in the large and famous city of Vienna, Austria. 
Vienna was once home to the Austrian Emperor and was where Mozart lived and wrote the bulk of his musical work. Vienna is
the center of culture, music and the arts in Austria and there are dozens of places to visit.
For museum-goers, many guided tours of Vienna will show you the city’s museum quarter.  The Sisi Museum is a museum centered
around the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and visitors can see the historic Imperial apartments and other treasures from the
reign of the Empress.  The Hofburg is another wonderful place.  Visitors to this museum can see the spectacular imperial
jewels, dating back to the Hapsburg dynasty.  In addition, the Naturhistorisches Museum, which houses many ancient pieces
of art.
Don’t forget the hundreds of lovely villages and towns you can explore in Austria. Some guided tours of Austria will stop
at a small, traditional restaurant away from the big cities, giving you a chance to meet the local people and sample the
local cuisine.

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